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"It was helpful to be able to search for what image is recognized not only in Korea but also in many foreign countries just by the pronunciation of the baby name candidate I was thinking of.The pronunciation of the name of a famous actress in Korea "Fart"I was surprised to hear it!"
Parents contemplating baby names
South Korea
"The store name is unique, so customers remember it wellI ask a lot about how the customers built it.. I was freely asked and answered. Thank you very much!"
Restaurant owner
"My husband and I married internationally and the child's name 2I did a lot of research to make sure it can be used naturally in all countries, but I solved it here"
International marriage couple
USA, Korea
"Even if the name is the same, the feeling may be different depending on the spelling of the English language, but it was helpful because the natives told the difference well"
Make an English name
"I'm thinking of baby name candidates., Whether it sounds like a baby boy or a baby girl, I got a lot of help here."
Contemplating the name of the newborn
"In the reply of a business e-mail to a foreign country, ?It was annoying to keep writing with, I knew it, and it was a Chinese character that was not used in that country.I have to name the Chinese characters well"
South Korea